Episode #1 - December 2020

This month we talk about more news from around the C++ community - with a distinctly 20s theme.

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Links from this episode:

  • 20 years of LLVM - LLVM started 20 years ago today! From humble beginnings at UIUC, it has grown to include contributions from hundreds of people and powers countless products and impactful languages. How have you used LLVM, contributed to it, or been touched by a product using it?
  • C++20 published
  • C++20 Comparisons in ReSharper C++ 2020.3 - ReSharper C++ 2020.3 brings full support for C++20’s changes to comparison semantics. In this post, we’ll briefly go over the language updates to comparisons in C++20 and take a look at how ReSharper C++ can help you use the new language features
  • Boost 1.75 released - New C++ podcast with Chris Leary and JF Bastien
  • Two's Complement - A Programming Podcast by Matt (Godbolt) and Ben (Rady)
  • CoSy Tech - Why Another C++ (And More™) Conference?
  • Two's Complement - A Programming Podcast by Matt (Godbolt) and Ben (Rady)
  • r/cpp: 'A basic trick question that I've been asked in interview' - Hi everyone, today I had a codepair interview for Graduate C++ Developer position and this was one the question that interviewer asked me. I found it quite interesting.
  • r/cpp: CLion Q&A Session on Reddit: CLion Today and Tomorrow - This Q&A session will focus on the recent 2020.3 release, our overall plans for 2021, and our roadmap for v2021.1. By the end of this year, we’ve enhanced the debugger experience by adding many top-voted feature requests, started bringing MISRA checks to CLion, tuned IDE actions for Qt, and integrated with CTest. Overall IDE performance, as well as making existing features more stable and complete, are our major goals for 2021 for CLion.